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Awkward outlander
One of my earliest birthday presents, which I still treasure, was a copy of Peter May's Book of Cricket ' a collection of cricketing tips and reminiscences of the then Surrey and England captain. I spent countless hours poring over the book, e...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Food for thought
Sir ' Politicians and businessmen are ruthlessly exploiting farmers in the name of industrial devel ...  | Read.. 
Same as usual
Sir ' The article ,'The more it changes the more it remains the same', (July 5), rightly documented ...  | Read.. 
In Sumit Mitra's article, 'Slow train coming round the bend' (July 13), the sentence, 'The chief mi ...  | Read.. 
Pious platitudes can never compensate for the lack of effective action. The address to the nation by the prime minister, Mr M...| Read.. 
Smart politicians do not baulk at crises; they survive ' and even thrive ' by manipulating them. But this is hardly an effect...| Read.. 
Fight terror Alone
When the prime minister of India stood side by side with President Bush and emphatically stated that 'we, the civilized world...  | Read.. 
There are three things that you need in this world. Respect for all kinds of life, a nice bowel movement on a regular basis and a navy blazer. ' ROBIN WILLIAMS
Slice of life frozen in time
INDIAN PAINTING, THE GREAT MURAL TRADITION (Mapin, Rs 3,500) by Mir...  | Read.. 
Faces in the rain
The Girl By Sonia Faleiro, Viking, Rs 250...  | Read.. 
Reliving the darkest hours
Torn From The Roots: A Partition Memoir By Kamla Patel Women Unlimite...  | Read.. 
In the light of the pyre
Pious Flames: European Encounters With Sati (1500-1830) By Andrea Major ...  | Read.. 
Mapping the borders
A little background to begin with. This requirement came into force sometim...  | Read.. 

Of laughter and forgetting