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Search and scramble
As the toll from yesterday’s train blasts touched 200 and another 714 lay injured, investigative agencies today pointed their finger at Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba and its local contacts from the banned Students’ Islamic Movement of India. ...  | Read.. 
Prime-target tracks
Mumbai’s Western line, which was targeted in the blasts yesterday, has the highest passenger density on any railway network in the world with 14 to 16 people crammed ...  | Read.. 
Blast, not bash, for birthday boy on fast train home
Had Tuesday not been his birthday, Praveen Verma would not be lying at KEM Hospital’s casualty ward. ...  | Read.. 
Inside a twisted train coach
Jagged edges of twisted metal today, the first class coaches through which the blasts tore through last evening, have now been pulled to Kandivli carshed ...  | Read.. 
‘Eager’ Advani at odds with BJP
In his haste to grab the limelight, L.K. Advani today ended up contradicting his party’s official stand on yesterday’s terror strikes in Mumbai. ...  | Read.. 
TO HELL AND BACK: Daksha Modi, a survivor of the blast at Matunga Road station, in Mumbai's Sion Hospital. (AP)
List of victims on Net
Travel advice
Airport net
Quota bill
Aamir under scanner
Forest officials in Gujarat are probing if Aamir Khan had violated the wildlife act while shoot..  | Read.. 
Death derails diamond wagon
Diamonds turned to ash as blast after blast ripped through local trains last evening, many of t..  | Read.. 
Delhi tragedy replays in Mumbai
Razia Sheikh’s aged eyes look blankly ahead. The tears ...  | Read.. 

Law colleges
The Supreme Court has struck down a resolution of the Bar C ...  | Read.. 

Arjun rules out religious quotas
Arjun Singh today said the Centre did not have plans to ...  | Read.. 

At top, bid to limit damage
The Centre today swung into controlling the damage from ...  | Read.. 

Bouncing back, but by necessity
There is enough evidence that the “Mumbai spirit” ...  | Read.. 

Why' ’93 to ’06, no answers
Someone must have switched on the TV in the next room. That& ...  | Read.. 

Forget the spirit, it’s time to fight back
11 minutes, 7 blasts. 190 dead. I’m reading everything ...  | Read.. 

US walks tightrope, UK harps on threat
US President George W. Bush refused to comment for seve ...  | Read.. 

Militant denial
Leading militant groups operating in Kashmir today denied a ...  | Read.. 

Scotland Yard offers help
India must install closed-circuit television cameras at ...  | Read..