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Music and lived time
Edward Said was sixty-eight years old when he died of leukemia on September 25, 2003. During the last five years of his life, in the shadow of his illness, Said was working on four books. (His essays, lectures and interviews of this period have made ...  | Read.. 
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For a better future
Sir ' The report, 'Ten types of birds vanish each year'(July 5), reminds us of how irresponsible we ...  | Read.. 
Out of reckoning
Sir ' A few days after Susmita Chakraborthy committed suicide because she was frustrated with her j ...  | Read.. 
Raju Mukherji's 'Time to pass the baton'(July 6), National Cricket Club was wrongly referred to as ...  | Read.. 
The curtain will come down on the soccer World Cup on Sunday night-Monday morning. Of course, in Berlin, London, Rio de Janei...| Read.. 
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Trim dreams
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Uses of public money
Temporary, please
Country wise
If we could all live a thousand years...we would each, at least once during that period be considered a genius. Not because of our great age, but because one of our gifts or aptitudes, however slight in itself, would coincide with what people at that particular moment took to be the mark of genius. ' JOHN BERGER
‘There is no development, no planning, no vision’ Maximum mess
For many, there was a sense of d'j' vu. This time last year, unprecedented rains had pushed the city to the brink of c...  | Read..