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Glare & wink make PM blink
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has put all divestment proposals on hold after a threat from southern ally DMK and a nudge from Sonia Gandhi. ...  | Read.. 
Joyrides on elephant back in a fairyland village
Novelist, teacher, social activist and, now, peacemaker ' Mamoni Raisom Goswami shuttles between these roles with the same fluidity that marks her writings. In the first of ...  | Read.. 
Tuk tuk, look what Brighton’s riding
The tuk tuk, India’s motorised rickshaw, began service in Brighton today and was “hailed as the next new big thing”. ...  | Read.. 
Border at 14,400ft opens with tussle over height
Chinese, Indian guards conspire to gain inches on each other as VIPs make speeches in the rain
An Indian policeman and a Chinese soldier standing shoulder to shoulder at 14,400ft today crafted the tall and short of a story of how borders go soft despite provoking tempe ...  | Read.. 
The tuk tuk, India's autorickshaw, began service in Brighton on Thursday and was 'hailed as the next new big thing'. It has been introduced by ...  | Read
It will be good to lift the Cup one more time

Zinedine Zidane
Medical war fells patients
Patients are becoming the most visible casualty of the tug-of-war between health minister Anbum ...  | Read..
Just meant to be, for Zizou
Some things, you suspect, are just meant to be. Like, for instance, when Zinedine Zidane announced h ...  | Read..