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Nepal to scrap unified command
The Girija Prasad Koirala government today decided to dismantle the Unified Security Command which functioned for about three years under the Nepal Armyís control. ...  | Read.. 
Thin crack found in shuttle insulation
A pencil-sized crack in the foam insulation on space shuttle Discoveryís external tank sent Nasa experts into meetings today to determine whether to go ahead with ...  | Read.. 
Earth has close shave with asteroid
An asteroid hurtling through space came within a hairís breadth ' in astronomical terms, at least ' of crashing into the earth early today, US scientists said. ...  | Read.. 
Body odour weapon against mosquitoes
Scientists are determined to even the score with mosquitoes by developing bug repellents using chemicals in human body odour that the insects hate. ...  | Read.. 
Credit cards bearing death
The parallel with impoverished Indian farmers, who have committed suicide, is not exact but the tragedies in India have some painful similarities with the case in Britain ...  | Read.. 
Disaster in Dodo death
Scientists who unearthed a mass dodo grave in Mauritius say they have found evidence showing the birds were killed by a natural disaster long before humans arrived on the Ind ...  | Read.. 
The space shuttle Discovery sits on Kennedy Space Center's Launch Pad on Monday in Cape Canaveral, Florida. (AP)
Superb Shakira
Grand fear
Spanish accident
Khmer trials
UK mulls raising smoking age limit
The Department of Health (DoH) announced today it was considering whether to raise the age limit fo..  | Read.. 
US leaders vulgar: Poll
Britons have never had such a low opinion of the leadership of the US, a YouGov poll shows...  | Read.. 
Jordan backs Saddam kin
Jordan said today that Saddamís eldest daughter Raghd ...  | Read..