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Mulling over Mittal
For reasons that have as much to do with ethnicity as with national pride, Lakshmi Mittal's doughty success in effecting the merger of the Luxembourg-registered Arcelor SA with his Mittal Steel has been widely celebrated in India. Apart from being se...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Willow power
Sir ' I cannot help agreeing with the views of Ramachandra Guha's correspondent, Vimal Kumar, on so ...  | Read.. 
Fruits of labour
Sir ' The price of tomatoes might have risen steeply in the capital but the farmers who produce it ...  | Read.. 
Policies are sometimes quite mysterious. What, for example, was the policy behind the induction of women into the armed force...| Read.. 
Major changes in any sphere stir up passions. More so if the changes threaten traditional livelihoods of the people. There is...| Read.. 
Bring back the legacy
Can you imagine an Indian soccer team playing like the sides we have been privileged to watch on television during this World...  | Read.. 
Humanity does not pass through phases as a train passes through stations: being alive, it has the privilege of always moving yet never leaving anything behind. ' C.S. LEWIS
Inside colour
Red By Irwin Allan Sealy Picador, '16.99...  | Read.. 
A patriot and a socialist in the league of youth
Crusader extraordinary: Krishna Menon and the India league, 1932-36 By ...  | Read.. 
The many shades of love
THE BROOKLYN FOLLIES By Paul Auster, Faber, '10.99...  | Read.. 
What goes between the covers
Begin with a simple axiom: more bad books are published than good books. Pu...  | Read.. 

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