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Despair deals deadly blows
The fear of cancer ' a disease that had claimed his mother and son-in-law ' pushed Nemai Chandra Dey over the edge. He jumped to his death, from the 17th floor of Tata Centre, on Monday, days after being diagnosed with a tumour in the pancreas....  | Read.. 
Last refuge from debts
On Sunday evening, Manas Mukhopadhyay had performed the last rites of sister-in-law Gouri and nephew Aritra. On Monday evenin...  | Read.. 
Fee hike at tech institutes
Engineering students in private colleges will have to pay more from this year....  | Read.. 
Fits the palm, easy on the pocket
Here comes a palmtop microscope, the brainwave of 27-year-old science graduate Arnab Banerjee. Available at a tenth of the pr...  | Read.. 
Bouquet dispute keeps channels off
Pockets of the city continued to go without the Zee channels as the switch-off of multi-system operator (MSO) CableComm enter...  | Read.. 
Buladi, lost and found
Buladi went missing for months. Now she promises to be back ' with a call centre. ...  | Read.. 
Krrish crash averted
Pirated master CD seized

It was meant to send Krrish crashing on the big screen. But thanks to the combined efforts of the Eastern Indian Motio ...  | Read.. 
The sun sets in a vivid array of colours on Calcutta's skyline on Monday. Picture by Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya
Hello, it's Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Chariot festival
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 You share your birthday with...
Raul Always active, you are good at work that requires originality ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Walk for varied hues...  | Read.. 
Return of alternative voice
Two path-breaking expressions of solidarity with the Indian lesbian, gay, b...  | Read.. 

Russia beckons medicos
Many prospective medical students look abroad for training. Most, however, ...  | Read.. 

Marvels of Nature off Bypass
Take a boat-ride through the Amazon rainforest, trek the marble quarries an...  | Read.. 

Rath bar on key arteries
Fearing snarls, police will not allow any rathayatra processions on CR Aven...  | Read.. 

Online courses for India
Those who think distance learning programmes have not caught on in India mi...  | Read.. 

Police deal with distress
Calls of distress they are, but the requests range from recovering a book t...  | Read.. 

Switch over to a brand new look
The only cure for bald hair, goes the old saying, is the guillotine. But th...  | Read.. 
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