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Quietly, in English
A Harvard undergraduate, daughter of Indian expatriates, was recently in the news. She had authored a work of fiction which was a bestseller; she was on the point of signing with her publishers for a new book, for which an advance of $500,000 was on ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Forced to quit
Sir ' One fails to understand why the Centre allowed the Calcutta police commissioner to contest th ...  | Read.. 
here was a printing error in the article by Rudrangshu Mukherjee ('Myth of empire', June 25). June ...  | Read.. 
The market was right after all. After the announcement of the Jet-Sahara deal around six months ago, the Jet Airways' stock f...| Read.. 
The prime minister's words on 'good road manners' are rather extraordinary in many ways. The ordinary Indian driver or pedest...| Read.. 
Blood on water again
'The moratorium [on whaling], which was clearly intended as a temporary measure, is no longer necessary,' says the St. Kitt's...  | Read.. 
What the rebels think today
In the early years of the 20th century, Gopal Krishna Gokhale remarked that 'what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow'. The claim soon turned hollow as, in quick succes...  | Read.. 
Kiss, but please don't tell
There have been two kinds of reactions to the imbroglio. The first, and the more dangerous one, is that Sawant deserved such treatment. After all, isn't she the one who cleve...  | Read.. 
The human face is indeed, like the face of the God of some oriental theogony, a whole cluster of faces, juxtaposed on different planes so that one does not see them all at once.'MARCEL PROUST