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Be careful with this brave new world
First, there was Dolly — the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell. For six years, she was a star munching happily in her stall, growing ever fatter and making headlines across the world. And then, a year later, came a clone called Polly. Poor Polly was an also-ran in terms of media coverage. But, in many ways, her birth in 1997 thrilled me just as much. She was the first sheep to be given a human gene via cloning — in her case, to make her milk rich in a clotting protein that could be used to treat haemophiliacs ...  | Read.. 
Bridging the medical divide
Chandan Barui, 65, waited for hours at a local dispensary in Purulia only to be told that he would have to travel all the way to Calcutta to get prope ...  | Read.. 
Stay fit with iPod
If you have an iPod nano and a pair of shoes that can accommodate just a speck of a sensor in the sole, you can have the most rigorous and pleasurable ...  | Read.. 
Be careful with this brave new world
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Easy surfing for PC novices
Here’s how you can start navigating your way through the software jungle ...  | Read.. 
Danger in the air
Barbara Jarvis was a tall, slender, and very healthy woman living on Kauai, Hawaii’s “garden island”. In her early 50s, she began to experience shortness of breath, which she thought at first ...  | Read.. 
Blame it on Hormones
Delaying pregnancy raises the risk of developing breast cancer, reports Shibani Chattopadhyay ...  | Read..
Your Health: Dr Gita Mathai
Living with AIDS
It’s time the country wakes up to the dangers people living with HIV and AIDS are exposed to. ...  | Read..
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Look angry, get noticed
Trying to get someone’s attention' Looking angry may be the key. The face most likely to stand out in a crowd is an irate one, according to a new study, and men are better than women at picking up the anger that a face conveys. ...  | Read.. 
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Douglas H. Erwin
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