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The venal layer
A former prime minister has chosen to be magnanimous. Boys, he says, will be boys. But is that all' Boys also learn from the examples set by those whom they hold up as role models, such as their fathers and uncles. In families where politics is suppo...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Food for thought
Sir ' One is used to hearing in India that there is surplus foodstock in the country, and the godow ...  | Read.. 
Unholy mess
Sir ' The inquiry ordered by the chief mahant of the Amarnath yatra into reports of a ...  | Read.. 
Glory restored
Sir ' It is important to note that a not-so-developed country like Thailand has decided to undertak ...  | Read.. 
Each time the barrier lifts, next door seems to move even closer. This sense of nearness surged up afresh when the Poonch-Raw...| Read.. 
All politics may be local, but not all issues are the stuff of petty, local-level politics. The Naga insurgency, one would as...| Read.. 
Catch the real thieves
While this government, despite having the great reformer of the Indian economy at its helm, continues to make life more diffi...  | Read.. 
The pocket was the first instinct of humanity and was used long years before the human race had a trousers between them ' the quiver for arrows is one example and the pouch of a kangaroo is another. ' FLANN O'BRIEN
My true name is a growl
The Tent By Margaret Atwood, Bloomsbury, ' 9.10...  | Read.. 
Images on water
Across the Mystic shore By Suroopa Mukherjee, Macmillan, ' 12.99...  | Read.. 
The other gods of the south
Cut-outs, Caste and Cine Stars: The World of Tamil Politics By Vaasanthi, ...  | Read.. 
Into the heart of terror
Holy Warriors By Edna Fernandes, Viking, Rs 450...  | Read.. 
A dinner, a writer and a book
A night at the Majestic: Proust and the Great Modernist Dinner Party of 192...  | Read.. 

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