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UK firms have missed India boat
One of the most important reports on the Indian economy is being published tomorrow in London by the House of Commons select committee on trade and industry which says that “the UK’s perception of India has been seriously distorted by the media’s focus on the perceived threat to ...  | Read.. 
Malay Hindus
Minority Hindus staged a peaceful protest today to appeal to Malaysia’s king to halt the demolition of temples and shrines by local authorities. ...  | Read.. 
Gaddafi immunity challenged
The sister of an air hostess killed in a 1989 bomb attack today challenged the legal diplomatic immunity granted to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who has been blamed for the ...  | Read.. 
Lanka feelers to India
Sri Lankan foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera arrived here tonight on his second visit in a month to brief the government about the rapidly deteriorating situation in t ...  | Read.. 
Key Saddam lawyer killed
One of Saddam Hussein’s main lawyers was shot dead today after men in police uniforms took him from his home, police and relatives said, the third defence attorney to be ...  | Read.. 
Mafia on its knees after Sicily dawn raids
The heads of 16 Mafia families were arrested in Sicily yesterday in a move that police said would “decapitate” the Cosa Nostra. ...  | Read.. 
Uma Thurman, who was nominated for a best actress Oscar for her role in Pulp Fiction, at the opening ceremony of the second conference of Nobel ...  | Read
Tennis trick
Piggy raids
Bank loss
Fluff fever
Gates vision could help change world
Melinda Moree met plenty of people who dismissed the prospects of a malaria vaccine. Then she encoun..  | Read.. 
Naomi at Nicole party
Actress Naomi Watts jetted into Sydney early today for her longtime friend Nicole Kidman’s hot..  | Read..