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Workaholics’ new tonic: nap
For high school students everywhere, the classroom desk is often a place to catch a few winks of sleep. But instead of receiving a scolding, dozing teenagers at Meizen high school are more likely these days to find their teachers dimming the lig...  | Read.. 
For your eyes only
Changing the colour of one’s eyes, they say, brings about a significant change in appearance. Shah Rukh Khan in Baazigar is a case in point. He did so to avoid det...  | Read.. 
Check-out: Speed post at snail’s pace
Remember the case of Puran Chandra Joshi of Tarikhet, Almora' Thanks to the speed post service, it took nine days for a letter to travel from Delhi to Tarikhet. In the process...  | Read.. 
Michael Douglas outside Younger Hall in St Andrews, Scotland, where he received an honorary Doctor of Letters for his contribution to British films o ...  | Read