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Swarajists at the Savoy
In Paris, during the students' riots of the late Sixties, a pretty young Indian girl, now high in the Communist hierarchy, smoked foul-smelling French Gauloise cigarettes because they reminded her of Char Minars. That was style. Back home in those ye...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Madness and cruelty
Sir ' Lunatics on the streets are treated abominably by the so-called 'sane' people of our city. Th ...  | Read.. 
Drink to health
Sir ' The report, 'Don't fatten the nation, minister tells stars'(June 10), is an ironic dig at a n ...  | Read.. 
Not poetic justice
Sir ' Banning English nursery rhymes in government schools by the Madhya Pradesh government can onl ...  | Read.. 
There is an unmistakable line that separates the good player from the brilliant one. And it is always the latter who succeeds...| Read.. 
In the name of god
There is an old Peepal tree outside the boundary wall of our neighbour's house facing my ancestral home in Delhi. Nobody took...  | Read.. 
Life deceives us so much that we come to believing that literature has no relation with it and we are astonished to observe that the wonderful ideas books have presented to us are gratuitously exhibited in everyday life, without risk of being spoilt by the writer. ' MARCEL PROUST
Man for all reasons
Mahesh Bhatt has always hit the headlines ' and hes back there after a small-time mafia don fired shots at the filmmake...  | Read..