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Fun with history
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Why did some ruler decide to wage a particular battle on a particular date' I still remember my dread, trying to differentiate between the first and the second battle of Panipat. And believe me, my 'battles' with historical dates never translated into good marks. No wonder, I found history rather intimidating and boring.

But don't accuse me of contradiction if I tell you that history can be fun too. If you don't believe me then just visit

The site, as you will see for yourself, is simply amazing. The first page is very innovatively named 'Passage to India ' History'. Actually, this site on history is part of a bigger travelogue package, which has interesting links like 'Destination', 'Discover India packages', 'Outbound tours', and so on.

Coming back to history, however, the first page is just an overview of the various periods in Indian history ' ancient, medieval, British and modern. The overviews are brief but lucid. For example, the site informs that 'Modern Indian history includes the trauma of Partition and the aftermath of the creation of India and Pakistan'

If you are a history buff, then you will probably be interested to know that it was 1623 when a love-lorn Shahjahan revolted against his disapproving father, Jahangir. The other pages give interesting insights into various aspects of our country, whether it's geography, polity, economy, and so on. And don't miss the link on 'leisure'. It has lot of interesting information on the Kumbh mela.

What a pity you can't 'rewrite' history to suit your answers. But you can make it fun by 'travelling' through /pass/pass2.html .

Monojit DasGupta

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