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Get a New high
Brown sugar?s got a challenger ' Blue Mystic. Crack?s rival is Special K. Ecstasy is sharing human mind space with liquid ecstasy. The arsenal of chemical agents that can propel the human mind into fantasyland ' albeit at the risk of addict...  | Read.. 
Past forward
Boom. And before the sound ricochets off the mountains to reach the trekkers nestled behind a pile of boulders ' boom, again. ...  | Read.. 
Blame it on big, bad Bollywood
India flying'
Dance, dance
Old is gold
Tittle tattle
Big game hunting
In Calcutta, while most Class XII students at St Thomas Boys School fret about their board exams next year, Priyesh Das worries about the qualifying rounds of the World Cyber Gaming Championships. To enter the competition, Das, a passionate gamer, ha...  | Read.. 
Blood and gore
If blood and gore is what turns you on, Indian television is laying it on thick for you. Just take a look at the number of crime shows jostling for space in the late night slots ' there?s Sansani on Star News and Jurm on Aaj Tak. N...  | Read.. 
box office
Fanaa ' busting myths
Yash Chopra is finally having the last laugh. Or should I say multiplex owners are feeling sheepish as hell' Not only did they prove there?s no unity among them but they have also realised that they would have been the biggest fools had they not...  | Read.. 
Third eye
Damsel in distress
Get a New high