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Dolly creator supports baby cloning
A proposal to create babies that are both cloned and genetically altered to prevent serious hereditary disease is outlined today by the leader of the team that created Dolly the sheep. ...  | Read.. 
Fly cheap with pride, even a PM does so
Tony Blair sidestepped further criticism over his use of the Queen’s Flight as his personal holiday airline by returning from Italy on a scheduled flight on a low-co ...  | Read.. 
Pak peace dividend
Pakistan today announced a 3.78 per cent increase in defence spending, a modest rise analysts said reflected the easing of tension with India and a shift in the security focu ...  | Read.. 
Big Ben to go mum
The quarter-hour chimes of the great clock of London’s houses of Parliament will be silent for a month of repair, but Big Ben will continue ticking. ...  | Read.. 
Two cloned mules finished third and seventh in a Nevada mule race on Sunday, disappointing the scientists who created them. ...  | Read
The ‘global’ Genghis
Incentive for Iran
Peru polls
Iraq sentence
Britain does the Crouch
Peter Crouch’s celebrated Robot Dance has made a swift transition from the soccer pitch to the..  | Read.. 
Truck staff kidnap in Iraq
Gunmen in police uniforms abducted up to 50 employees of Baghdad transport companies in broad dayli..  | Read..