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Sad, mad and sometimes bad
It was superbly executed and a moment of inspiration that no one, except perhaps Peter Crouch, foresaw. ...  | Read.. 
Villages for sale
It’s almost afternoon, and Krishnappa is still at home, fussing over his cattle. Even his wife has stopped pestering him ...  | Read.. 
Holmes is where the heart is
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Aamir’s ally
Backing Husain
On the move
Tittle tattle
Cause celebrity
In the sunlit uplands of fame, the smallest gesture can command the greatest attention. The whiff of an affair, the scent of a scandal, and yes, even the spectacle of an actor shedding his pretty boy image to emerge as an enlightened do-gooder, are i...  | Read.. 
Southern spice
The Tamil cinema’s rising super star Vikram is on a new high. And right now it does not matter if his film Aparichit, dubbed in Hindi for north India, got a lukewarm response from Hindi film viewers. What’s exciting him is the newfo...  | Read.. 
Celebrity Circus
The mote in thine eye
I don’t know about the rest of you but I sure have symptoms of an OD (Over Dose). There’s been an OD of 40-plus Aamir Khan and his crow’s feet all over the big screen (three releases ' Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti, Fanaa ' in less th...  | Read.. 
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Lomana Lua Lua rejoices after scoring a goal
Sad, mad and sometimes bad