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Challenged, saviour story changes

New Delhi, June 3: Who took Rahul Mahajan and his father’s secretary to hospital after their champagne party last night'

The household staff, claimed an associate of the late Pramod Mahajan, an assertion that prompted the counsel for three of the boys invited to the late-night bash to retract their earlier claim.

“They never took them to the hospital,” Sudhanshu Mittal told The Telegraph. “They (Rahul and Bibek Moitra) were brought to Apollo by the household staff. There was no sign of these people (Karan Ahuja, Trishay Khanna and Rahul Malhotra).”

Mittal said the servants found Bibek and Rahul unwell and rang up Harish Sharma, who used to assist Bibek in doing secretarial work for Pramod Mahajan. It was Harish, he added, who asked the servants to rush Bibek and Rahul to Apollo.

“Harish then rang me up. I told him I was also reaching Apollo. These boys were nowhere in the picture,” Mittal said.

Mittal’s comment appeared to have rattled the boys as their lawyer Viraj Dattar said they “only alerted” the domestic staff. “They saw Bibek and Rahul feeling sick and told the servants to take them to the hospital.”

Yesterday, Ranvir Singh Kundu, a junior lawyer assisting Dattar in the case, had claimed that “Sahil and Trishay took Rahul and Bibek to the hospital. They are being accused of many things. But they actually helped get Rahul and Bibek to the hospital.”

As the day unravelled, the Mahajan family and friends of the late BJP leader used the results of the Apollo “toxic screen test” to counter claims that Bibek died and Rahul was almost fatally sick because of the cocaine they snorted during the party.

Mahajan loyalists said it was “absolutely impossible” for Bibek to have consumed any narcotic substance and they were, in fact, poisoned.

Mittal said he had “serious doubts” that Bibek asked Sahil, another person who was at the party last night and was arrested today, to procure cocaine, as the boys have told police.

“Bibek was not into drugs. There is no way he could have worked with Pramod Mahajan for over 15 years if he was not totally alert 24 hours a day. Pramodji was a very hard taskmaster. I think these boys are talking rubbish,” Mittal said.

Huge cocaine haul

Around 200 kg of cocaine was seized in Mumbai today in one of the biggest narcotics seizures in the city.

Valued at Rs 200 crore, the contraband was seized from a container at the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust. Two persons have been detained.

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