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Just you wait, baby!
How do we get Indian films into competition at Cannes' In 2006, in common with other years, there weren’t any. If we set out consciously to make ‘crossover’ films, the experiment is unlikely to work, either. Films work best when they a...  | Read.. 
At last, it’s don!
She has four releases lined up this year, one bigger than the other. “I’ve just signed Harry Baweja’s Love ...  | Read.. 
Hold your breath, Mumbai!
Though they played their real-life roles of life partners in Onirban’s My Brother...Nikhil, Shayan Munshi and Pee ...  | Read.. 
Wait. And see. Maybe
When Ringo’s first feature film releases this Puja, it will at last have a title. Shot and post-productioned with the te ...  | Read.. 
‘Give me a break, I’m only 17’
I come from a close-knit Surat family in Gujarat, which includes my folks and elder sister. I completed my schooling from the ...  | Read.. 
Rahman revisited
A.R. Rahman’s been sort of cut-off from India! Is it because he’s gone ...  | Read.. 
This year’s “Man of the Match” award at Cannes has go ...  | Read.. 
Chhuti (JMD Sounds; VCD Rs 55) is a children’s film based on Rabindranath Tagore’s short story. It’s ab ...  | Read.. 
LEGENDS: ...  | Read.. 
Mindblowing action
Cannes jury member and nternational artiste Monica Bellucci; (insets) Jason Schwartzman and Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette; and Aamir Khan with Alice Patten in Rang De Basanti
Just you wait, baby!
Terrorism gets in the way