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Virus that holds PC to ransom
A new virus that seizes control of personal computer files and demands ransom money from the owner has been unleashed on the internet....  | Read.. 
Song with a power tune
Hillary Clinton failed to answer the question on everybodyís lips. But the song she was jiving to said it all. ...  | Read.. 
Party girl versus President Putin
Russiaís most famous party girl has launched a political youth movement that could undermine one of her closest friends ...  | Read.. 
Mastery of rhythm
Innovation in traditional dance format was the central attraction of the programme presented by Rhythmosaic Dance Company, a part of the Padatik group at Padatik Little Theatr...  | Read.. 
Time to don the contemporary look
Jorasanko Thakurbari has a magic of its own. Every Tagore event organised in its haloed precincts calls for a spot of joy among Tagore aficionados. It was reassuring to see a ...  | Read.. 
The audience is a peeping tom
Bravo! Ashoke Viswanathan and his crew should be commended for their brilliant acting and excellent production of Simon Neilís play Chapter Two (Proscenium Art Centre, Ma...  | Read.. 
Earthy flavours
Rather a mixed bag
Easy style of rendition
Pay or Perish
Virus that holds PC to ransom