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In a world of their own
The next time you attend a family gathering, try and chat up the children around you. If they respond, give yourself a treat. If they laugh at your jokes, pat yourself. And if you manage to tickle their curiosity, share your success with the world. F...  | Read.. 
Maid in India
Every morning I read the papers. I do not know English but I still looked at the English papers, sometimes just at the pictu ...  | Read.. 
‘Koktails’ with Karan
Bukhara boy
Scripting tales
Mona Ben
PR game
Tittle tattle
Howzzat for TRPs'
For its news channels, NDTV signed up Indian cricket team’s star batsman and wicket keeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni last week. The New Delhi-based company plans to create 70 shows with the cricketer during the one-year duration of the exclus...  | Read.. 
Ash redeemed
sitting in the Star Cinema in Rue d’Antibes in Cannes, immediately behind Aishwarya Rai and Kiranjit Ahluwalia, watching Provoked, in which Aishwarya plays Kiranjit, the Sikh woman who poured petrol over her abusive husband, Deepak, and ...  | Read.. 
celebrity circus
But look at the Bhatts
When Mallika Sherawat did her misplaced diva act and demanded a fee of Rs 1 crore from the very Bhatts who’d crafted Murder, her one and only blockbuster, Mahesh Bhatt simply showed her the door. ...  | Read.. 
Hungry for news
Villain turns poet
In a world of their own