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Sceptics seek to dwarf ‘Hobbit’ man theory
A question mark has emerged over the identity and ancestry of the 18,000-year-old remains of a short human-like species discovered by scientists in Indonesia three years ago and dubbed the “Hobbit” man....  | Read.. 
Job stress and BP delinked
The notion that being stressed out on the job causes high blood pressure doesn’t hold up, according to a new analysis o ...  | Read.. 
Like a pack of uneasy papas
Paparazzi gathered in Namibia are pacing the floor like anxious fathers in a maternity ward. ...  | Read.. 
Two ways of interpreting Tagore
Panchishe Baishakh celebrations this year amply showed that the musical legacy of Rabindranath Tagore rests handsomely on two opposite yet formidable approaches. One lo...  | Read.. 
A passage to China
This is definitely the first ever photographic exhibition on China in Calcutta after the Indo-Sino war in 1962. The venue is the south gallery at the Academy of Fine Arts....  | Read.. 
Melodic motifs of the regal veena
The National Festival of Veena allayed the fear of elders who tend to believe that gone are the days when an ancient instrument like the veena took a lead role i...  | Read.. 
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An artist's impression of the 'Hobbit' man
Sceptics seek to dwarf 'Hobbit' man theory