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Electronic Eye
Kevin Reynolds, a real estate appraiser and father of two, is confronting a quandary: Should he put his daughters under electronic surveillance' Itís a question more parents will face in the coming months, thanks to new technology that lets them use cell phones to monitor their childrenís ...  | Read.. 
Cheated By the brain
No matter how good your intentions, you could well be a plagiarist. Every semester, Southern Methodist University professor Alan S. Brown shows his ps ...  | Read.. 
Electronic Eye
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Unwanted pop-ups
What do you do when a file goes missing' How do you safeguard yourself against fake software' ...  | Read.. 
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Doctorís orders
A conscientious allergist I know refuses to treat patients with asthma who donít follow his recommendations for keeping flare-ups at bay with preventive medication. ďI donít want anyone dying on ...  | Read.. 
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Brittle bones'
All that gas
Satisfaction doesnít ensure good care
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QED: Stars are just stars
The stars and planets predestine a manís fate, so astrologers claim. And they line up a thousand examples to assert their arguments. But the sceptics too produce a thousand examples to prove that astrology can never pass the test of scientific lo ...  | Read.. 
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Allen Lane; ' 16.99
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