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Scandal threatens to topple French Top II
When a squad of gendarmes raided the home of Gen Philippe Rondot, a former intelligence officer who worked closely with the French defence ministry, they can have had little idea what they would find. ...  | Read.. 
Nisha husband in help cry
The husband of murdered part-time policewoman Nisha Patel-Nasri today appealed for anyone with information about her killer to come forward. ...  | Read.. 
US disaster alert for computer networks
Attacks on US computer networks could escalate from mere inconveniences to disasters that ruin companies or even kill people, according to the head of a cyber-security unit w ...  | Read.. 
Iran snubs EU before nuke offer
Iran today said it would reject any demand to stop what it calls peaceful nuclear work, a day before European foreign ministers discuss incentives and penalties designed to r ...  | Read.. 
Indonesia's Merapi volcano spews a huge cloud of hot gas as seen from Pekam village on the outskirts of Yogyakarta, the provincial capital of Central ...  | Read
Metric freak
Fire crazy
Sheep look
Iraq violence
First Lady
Israel law
Lanka terror
Toilet geek who makes loos his business
Darting through the 3.30 pm passenger rush at a new airport at Kitakyushu in southwestern Japan, a h..  | Read.. 
Depp best in autograph poll
Johnny Depp has the write stuff when it comes to signing autographs while Cameron Diaz is the w..  | Read..