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Mother murder in highrise

Calcutta, April 30: A man bludgeoned and knifed his 68-year-old mother to death in their upscale flat off Loudon Street this afternoon before killing himself by jumping from its fifth-floor balcony.

His neighbours at 5B Robinson Street said Ananda Mazumdar, 42, was jobless, suffered from violent mood swings and they were afraid to step into the lift alone with him.

The widowed mother and unmarried son, the only two occupants of their apartment in Kanchenjunga ' a block of 48 flats ' had been heard screaming at each other around 12.30 pm.

Police believe it was soon afterwards that Ananda, a fitness freak, hit Nandini Mazumdar on the back of her head with the iron dumb bells he worked out with.

He then slashed her wrists, slit her throat and dragged the body ' as the bloodstains suggest ' from the bedroom to the living room where it was found by the police.

Around 1.30, he apparently decided to use the knife on himself.

“After killing his mother, Ananda slashed his own wrist and throat. Then he tried to break the glass panes of one of the bedrooms so that, after he jumped, he would land on a small bush on the eastern side of the building. That would have ensured no one would spot him immediately,” said Gananath Mukherjee, Shakespeare Sarani OC. “When he failed to do so, he walked to the southern balcony and jumped.”

Ananda, dressed in faded blue jeans and a white vest, landed on the courtyard of the building next door ' just a few yards from the city police chief’s Loudon Street residence.

The thud brought the gatekeeper of the building, Tulsiyan, running to the spot.

When the police arrived about 25 minutes later, they found the flat locked from the inside.

The sleuths broke the door open to find Nandini’s blood-spattered body beside a lampshade in the well-furnished living room.

The police are unsure of the murder motive but, for now, are prepared to believe that Ananda killed his mother in a fit of rage.

The former student of a well-known city school had been jobless after a short stint of cinematography training in Singapore and the US, the police said. A few years ago he had joined an advertising agency but quit after a few months.

He lived on the money he inherited from his father Sankar Chandra Mazumdar, a chartered accountant, after his death a decade ago.

The Mazumdars had been tenants in the building since 1977, neighbours said, but didn’t mix with anyone.

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