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Engineer beheaded
K. Suryanarayana was today found beheaded in Afghanistan in a new Great Game in which tactics are becoming more cold-blooded and motives less concealed. ...  | Read.. 
Telegraph bags top award
The Telegraph has been adjudged the Best Printed Newspaper from Asia and chosen for the Gold Award, the most prestigious prize in Asia in printing quality in newspapers. ...  | Read.. 
US rush to gauge BJP mood
After much introspection and internal debate, the BJP has finally taken an unambiguous stand: it is to vigorously oppose the Indo-US nuclear deal in its present form. ...  | Read.. 
Windies play ball, Asia catches Cup
Cricket spectacle to return for the third time in 2011
Three decades ago, Clive Lloyd’s quicks were accused of being indifferent towards the spirit of cricket. That they were obsessed with short-term results and relied on th ...  | Read.. 
Suryanarayana's widow Manjula and her three children in tears at their home in Hyderabad. For many hours, Manjula sat clasping his picture, occasionally wiping it with a wet cloth. Six-year-old son Satyateja kept punching his cell number and asking: 'Why is appa not answering' He always responds within two rings.' (AFP)
Engineer beheaded
They (the Taliban) have no human feelings. They are cannibals

Suryanarayana's mother
Promises cap oil blockade
Saddled with huge financial losses after just a day of disrupted operations in Assam, Oil India ...  | Read..
Mother murder in highrise
A man bludgeoned and knifed his 68-year-old mother to death in their upscale flat off Loudon St ...  | Read..