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Do no evil but make millions from spelling errors
Google Inc., which runs the largest ad network on the Internet, is making millions of dollars a year by filling otherwise unused websites with ads. In many instances, these ad-filled pages appear when users mistype an Internet address, such as ...  | Read.. 
Bergman twins feud on fatherís centenary
Not many daughters would mark the 100th anniversary of their fatherís birth by making a film depicting him as a lar ...  | Read.. 
Barbra breathes fire at Barbra
Christopher Anderson knows all the tricks of the celebrity biography trade having written on Jack and Jackie, Charles and Di ...  | Read.. 
High on calories
Weight watchers beware! If you have sipped two or three cocktails and have had a wonderful evening out with friends at the newly opened pub, then stay away from the weighing s...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Will aerobic exercises help me prepare for other forms of exercises' ...  | Read.. 
President George W. Bush (left) and Steve Bridges, a comedian and Bush lookalike, during the White House Correspondents' Association's 92nd annual a ...  | Read