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New Nepal commits to Maoist talks
The new government of Nepal has committed itself to holding a dialogue with the Maoists, declare a ceasefire and move towards a Constituent Assembly. ...  | Read.. 
Pervez barks at tag of western ‘poodle’
Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf has rejected accusations he is a western “poodle”, saying his fight against Islamic militants is for his country’s b ...  | Read.. 
Report puts Iran in dock
The world’s nuclear watchdog said in a report circulated today that Iran has ignored a UN Security Council call to suspend all nuclear fuel enrichment and has accelerate ...  | Read.. 
Burqa bar on 2 Bonn girls
A high school in the German city of Bonn has suspended two Muslim girls for wearing burqas, an all-enveloping cloak worn by women in central Asia, an education authority offi ...  | Read.. 
Clooney urges action in Darfur
Joined by senators from the Left and Right, Oscar-winning actor George Clooney used his star power yesterday to focus attention on Sudan’s Darfur region, where he said t ...  | Read.. 
Lanka holds strikes, Colombo still jittery
Sri Lanka’s military held off air strikes on Tamil Tiger targets for a second day today, but in a capital still jittery after a suicide blast, troops seized a suspected ...  | Read.. 
A picture released by American news channel NBC on Thursday shows news anchor Ann Curry (left) with Angelina Jolie during an exclusive interview wit ...  | Read
Reptile rage
King fuel
Nasa posse
Tabloids say William to propose to girlfriend
Tabloid newspapers are speculating that Britain’s Prince William, 23, is about to propose to h..  | Read.. 
Brick Lane as English as mini-skirt and cricket
The mini-skirt, which has led many a man astray, was today declared an English icon in a project fu..  | Read..