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Your face is on camera
When you go to polling booths to cast your votes this Thursday (April 27), you may feel intimidated by digital cameras that capture snapshots of your face. Using facial-recognition software, officials at the Election Commission (EC) of India are trying to match your face with those of hundreds of th...  | Read.. 
Can you trust voting machines'
Ever since the Election Commission (EC) of India introduced electronic voting machines (EVMs) in 2001, the last few elections have witnessed greater t ...  | Read.. 
No more conjectures
It has been a great journey for Byomkes Chandra Ghosh from the crowded outskirts of Barrackpore, near Calcutta, to the pristine ambience of Honolulu i ...  | Read.. 
Your face is on camera
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Informative meet
Internet irritants
How should you safeguard against unwanted pop-ups' Where should you go for genuine registry cleaners' ...  | Read.. 
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Radio clotting
Home hazard
Life-giving liquid flows in death-laden pipes. This could be the statutory warning carried by water distribution authorities in the country’s cities and towns. Yet the innocuous looking asbestos pipes transporting water have failed to raise a st ...  | Read.. 
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Surgery remains a ‘macho’ field
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QED: A controversial pill
The debate over opting for abortion has got murkier with over-the-counter access to the “morning-after pill” or “emergency contraception” (EC) as it is known. It is taken after sex, but before an embryo attaches itself to the womb. ...  | Read.. 
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Eric R. Kandel
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