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Palace summons politicians
Nerves are snapping and fuel supplies running short in Nepal as the palace opened lines of communication with three former Prime Ministers. ...  | Read.. 
Row over Saddam’s signature
Saddam Hussein and seven co-accused returned to court today and proceedings focused on attempts to prove the ousted Iraqi President signed documents implicating him in crimes ...  | Read.. 
Tigers kill before Norway mission
Roadside mines planted by suspected Tamil Tiger rebels today killed four Sri Lankan soldiers and wounded 12 as the government offered a new deal in the hope of saving peace ...  | Read.. 
Delhi push for talks
As the pro-democracy movement spread like wildfire in Nepal, India today asked King Gyanendra to start immediate dialogue with political parties to end the instability. ...  | Read.. 
America balks at bird flu
Researchers today called for more training, better equipment and counselling after nearly half of health workers questioned in a US survey said they would not report for work ...  | Read.. 
Shoes of Nepalese anti-monarchy protesters litter a street in Kathmandu on Monday after security forces opened fire. (Reuters)
Snuff returns
Dog fund
Pony jobs
Iran nuke issue
Iraq murder
Racist attack
Pak rally
Iraq shows who’s top gun
Mikhail Kalashnikov, designer of the world’s most popular assault rifle, says that US soldiers..  | Read.. 
Glare on Hamas govt after Tel Aviv blast
A Palestinian suicide bomber killed nine people and wounded 60 others in the Israeli city of Tel Av..  | Read..