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Time running out for watch, cellphone’s in
Is time running out for the wristwatch' Surveys and sales data show that young shoppers are shunning watches for snazzier time-telling gadgets, such as cellphones and iPods. ...  | Read.. 
For Japan’s Sake, drink
Sake and shochu, traditional Japanese drinks that were once derided as old-fashioned and the tipple of boozy middle-aged ...  | Read.. 
Pop star in pile-up
British pop star George Michael crashed into three cars while trying to park his SUV in London early yesterday, The Dail ...  | Read.. 
Idol of rich: golden Mao
In the Renaissance, Europe’s new rich hoarded their wealth in golden ducats. With the rebirth of Chinese capitalism ...  | Read.. 
Mammoth maketh man
Regular meals of mammoth meat helped some early human tribes to expand more quickly than their largely vegetarian contem ...  | Read.. 
Superdads' Not quite just yet
Open your eyes and smell the coffee ' literally. The husband walks in with the breakfast while you lounge in bed. He gets the children dressed and packs their (and your) tiffi...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Alien mores
The attitudinal differences that exist between first and second generation Indians living abroad have been written about ad infinitum. While first generation Indian immigrants...  | Read.. 
Paris Hilton (left ) with Stavros Niarchos, a billionaire heir from Greece, at a basketball game in Los Angeles. (Reuters)