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'A nineteenth-century Orientalist was therefore either a scholar...or a gifted enthusiast...or both,' says Said, after pointing out that 'there was a virtual epidemic of Orientalia affecting every major poet, essayist, and philosopher of the period.....  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Up in flames
Sir 'The tragic fire in Meerut is not the first of its kind, nor will it be the last ('Mass pyre at ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' I am a big fan of Mohammed Kaif, but even then, I think that the current criticism against th ...  | Read.. 
Autocratic rulers make two mistakes ' they overestimate their own powers and they underestimate the people's power to change ...| Read.. 
It has become easy to dismiss or trivialize public protest in India. 'Activism' is perceived as falling into one of three cat...| Read.. 
To join in the fair play
A close analysis of the ECís dictates shows that they are geared to ensure fairness at every stage of polling in the state ...  | Read.. 
Building castles in the air
'We have a very tight timetable (for drawing Israel's final borders), because we seek the support of the US administration and President Bush. It has to be done by November 20...  | Read.. 
The way down to hell is easy. The gates of black Dis stand open night and day. But to retrace one's steps and escape to the upper air ' that is toil, that is labour. ' VIRGIL.