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The human-HIV
Vinod Scaria is a doctor and Manoj Hariharan studied biology in university. The two researchers, however, have spent the past several months discovering high-speed computers and software in a laboratory in New Delhi. And they have pitted their newly-acquired skills to unravel the mysterious “pe...  | Read.. 
Self defence
An epidemic called metabolic syndrome has been on the rampage for the past one decade. It includes diabetes and obesity, which become dangerous when c ...  | Read.. 
Regrow your own organs
Stem cell therapy has long captured the limelight as a way to the goal of regenerative medicine, that of repairing the body with its own natural syste ...  | Read.. 
The human-HIV
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Software out there
The Internet is entering its Lego era. Indeed, blocks of interchangeable software components are proliferating on the Web and developers are joining them together to create a potentially infinite array of useful new programs. ...  | Read.. 
No blinding beams
Virus batteries
Beyond control
When I was given a diagnosis of breast cancer in February 1999, many friends and readers wondered: “Why did you get breast cancer' You take such good care of yourself!” The same sort of remarks followed the surgery I underwent in December 2 ...  | Read.. 
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QED: Crying wolf again
Several species of mammals may soon disappear if proper protection measures are not taken. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it' It is. New research by scientists from Imperial College, the Zoological Society of London and the University Of Virginia attem ...  | Read.. 
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NOTES FROM A CATASTROPHE Elizabeth Kolbert Bloomsbury; $ 22.95...  | Read.. 
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