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Soccer lads run into vice girl uproar
Sweden is under pressure to withdraw its football team from the World Cup in protest at the vast number of prostitutes flocking to Germany to ply their trade....  | Read.. 
How Gagarin made it
He was handpicked for one of humanityís greatest ever solo missions ' the Soviet Unionís bid to stake the ham ...  | Read.. 
Cold shoulder
Sunil Purohit, 16, was not prepared for the sudden unexplained immobility in his right hand. The piercing pain was so distressing that he dreaded to even move his hand. Mona V...  | Read.. 
Diet Watch
Q: My brother, suffering from acute depression, is on a drug which comes under the maoi group ...  | Read.. 
Actress Sandra Bullock (left) and her husband Jesse James watch a game of hockey in Los Angeles. (Reuters)