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Lesson from Earth twin
Eons ago, Venus may have been the gentle, tropical paradise that Earthlings once imagined. It was closer to the sun ' but not too close. It was almost Earth-size ' but not quite. And it had plenty of water, even oceans....  | Read.. 
Kwai to Ladakh, an 80-yr saga
Life is an endless weekend for John Stewart. ...  | Read.. 
Fire breaks out at Dickensís David home
Bleak House, the former home of Charles Dickens, has been partially destroyed by fire. ...  | Read.. 
Marry at leisure, repent in haste
Rajiv and Samita were a young married couple in Calcutta. But after not more than a week of married life, Rajiv, 32, told his 24-year-old wife that she was not the woman he ha...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: To each his own
They say that with our modern style of living in blocks of flats, a child never lacks for company. While this may be true, such instant companionship has often to be paid for ...  | Read.. 
Actress Eva Longoria at a promotional for her film The Sentinel in Beverly Hills. (Reuters)