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The new playmakers
t has been a more challenging task than anything that Quasar Padamsee has ever undertaken before. Working frenetically as assistant director to Tim Supple on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream has pushed him to draw out the best...  | Read.. 
Star power
Actress Kajol is back in circulation even as she makes a comeback on the silver screen. She was spotted in the Capital recent ...  | Read.. 
My Weekend : Neel Adhikari
Being a full-time musician, I’m glad to report, that there’s no office for me. Things are pretty erratic and beside ...  | Read.. 
Low-key champ
Jenson Button does it on a '20m yacht, Michael Schumacher does it on a Harley-Davidson across the plains of America, but Fern ...  | Read.. 
Call of the wild
It was a steaming pile of rhino dung, seething with flies and dung beetles so energetic that the whole mound seemed to be in ...  | Read.. 
Slow and steady
When we read ‘cook for two hours’ in a recipe, most of us slam the book shut! Don’t in future. “Slow food ...  | Read.. 
The new playmakers
Bike the dust
Wooing the world
It’s a cakewalk