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Saddam turns ire on Shias
Ousted President Saddam Hussein, on trial for crimes against humanity, accused Iraq’s new Shia-run interior ministry of killing and torturing thousands of Iraqis when he returned to court today. ...  | Read.. 
US professor believes Jesus walked on floating ice, not water
The New Testament says that Jesus walked on water, but a Florida university professor believes there could be a less miraculous explanation ' he walked on a floating piece of ...  | Read.. 
Mac packs Windows
Apple Computer Inc., the maker of the Macintosh computer and iPod music device, today rolled out a first-ever software patch to run Microsoft’s dominant Windows operatin ...  | Read.. 
Shampoo ad ire in UK
Claims made in advertisments for cosmetics and beauty products generally need to be taken with a pinch of salt. ...  | Read.. 
Nepal crackdown rolls before strike
Nepal’s royalist government detained dozens of activists and politicians in Kathmandu today in a crackdown ahead of a general strike and protests planned against King Gy ...  | Read.. 
Thaksin hands power to trusted aide
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra handed power to a trusted deputy and fellow policeman today, but the move looked unlikely to yield an immediate breakthrough in Thailand ...  | Read.. 
Antonio Banderas and his wife Melanie Griffith at the premiere of Take the Lead in New York. (Reuters)
Aniston silence
Sick shots
Diaz case
As Chirac totters, unions scent victory
French trade unions stepped up calls for President Jacques Chirac to ditch a disputed youth jobs la..  | Read.. 
Alba forgives Playboy
Film star Jessica Alba forgave Playboy magazine yesterday for making her an unwitting cover ..  | Read..