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Basically, Stone flops this time
The original broke new ground with the risqu' shot that made a star of Sharon Stone. Its long-awaited sequel, however, is likely to be remembered only for failing to deliver anything approaching so memorable a moment....  | Read.. 
Diplomat negotiates grandpaís dream
A British diplomat is abandoning her desk in Kathmandu this week and heading for the summit of Everest, a goal first set ...  | Read.. 
Virtual peer seduces teens
Sexually charged music, magazines, TV and movies push youngsters into intercourse at an earlier age, perhaps by acting as k ...  | Read.. 
Royal fete turns drunken rave
A party to celebrate the 16th birthday of Princess Eugenie descended into a drunken rave, it has been reported. ...  | Read.. 
Thatís not affection! Thatís child abuse!
Nothing seemed amiss when a first-time-pregnant woman and her software engineer husband came to Dr Sangeeta Saksena for consultation. The gynaecologist at Bangaloreís St ...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Whoís guilty'
You might wonder why the fact that Tony Blair smacked his three older children when they were small but does not hit his five-year old son, Leo, should be front page news here...  | Read.. 
Sharon Stone with co-star David Morrissey at the promotion of Basic Instinct 2.
Basically, Stone flops this time