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Ruthless DNA

We are survival machines ' robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes. This is a truth which still fills me with astonishment” ' Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene. Three decades after Richard Dawkins revolutionised our understanding of living things with The Selfish Gene, evidence has accumulated to back his cold-eyed vision of how bodies, families and society are shaped by the simple “duplicate me” message in our genetic instructions ...  | Read.. 

Dangerous neighbours
The figures are scary: 30,000 deaths annually owing to rabies, 1.5 million children dying of diarrhoeal infections contracted from animals and thousands of tea estate labourers in India reeling under the effects of animal-borne diseases. These were some of the facts disclosed by Dr Jackson Williams and Dr Amanda Barger Williams at the Rotary Sadan on March 21 during a lecture on the importance of zoonotic diseases in India ...  | Read.. 
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Meerkats evict subordinates and kill their young if food runs short
Ruthless DNA
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Academic blood - no circulation here
Science and technology thrive in a climate where there are active research groups, a culture of strong academic activity and a large population of productive research students. These are critical factors for the health of academic “blood”. ...  | Read.. 
Electronic guide
Implant control
New connection
In work that may hold promise for victims of spinal cord and brain injuries, researchers report that they have managed to restore sight to blinded hamsters using a process they call nanoknitting. ...  | Read.. 
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QED: Selling spirituality
God is everywhere. And these days one can meet him too, but for a hefty fee. ...  | Read.. 
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