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Out of the cockpit
The pyramidal promotion structure of the armed forces is so called because of rapidly declining vacancies as officers rise in ranks culminating in just the Chief of Staff. Not surprisingly, as one gets higher, competition gets stiffer until at the ve...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Danger zone
Sir ' The editorial, 'No danger to flag' (March 18), appears to contradict the report, 'Nuke test b ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' New Market started its life as New Market, and was later renamed Sir Stuart Hogg Market. Beng ...  | Read.. 
L iquidity in the money market has been very tight ever since the India Millennium Deposits were repaid at the end of last ye...| Read.. 
A king who wouldn't retire is the stuff of Shakespearean tragedy. But an actual king who proposes his own retirement is pois...| Read.. 
Power to the tracks
What is sauce for the goose need not be so for the gander, as has been proved in the case of Indian Railways's disastrous hea...  | Read.. 
History, myth and chauvinism
During colonial times, India was portrayed as serving a role in history that was subservient to the European agenda, or as just a passive entity activated primarily by the incursions of invading groups ...  | Read.. 
All the places that the eye of heaven visits/ Are to a wise man ports and happy havens./ Teach thy necessity to reason thus;/ There is no virtue like necessity. ' WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE