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Wishing the impossible
The University of Calcutta and its companions in Bombay and Madras have each been awarded a booty of Rs 100 crore in the recent budget, presumably for being around and kicking for more than a century and a half. As a Calcuttan, one ought to be happy....  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Rules of office
Sir ' All the political parties of India are now busy making most of the political storm that is ra ...  | Read.. 
A symbolic moment can become more striking when the intricate ironies of history are turned around towards a positive future....| Read.. 
The time may have come for Ms Mamata Banerjee to face her own failures. If the Congress was forced to spurn her offer of an a...| Read.. 
India has had enough
Much has been said about Sonia Gandhi over the last week. She did what she believed was right. She also put an immediate stop...  | Read.. 
A streetcar named vision
'The important questions are not about engineering but about ways to live...The technical aspects are relatively simple. The difficult decisions relate to who is going to bene...  | Read.. 
Special laws for little needs
Working with government agencies, employers and workers and other concerned groups such as NGOs is particularly important, as these groups are often well placed to identify in...  | Read.. 
We thought philosophy ought to be patient and unravel people's mental blocks. Trouble with doing that is, once you've unravelled them, their heads fall off. ' FREDERIC RAPHAEL