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Massacre cloud on US control
Iraq’s ruling Shia Islamist Alliance bloc demanded today that US forces return control of security to the Iraqi government after what it called “cold-blooded” killings of unarmed people by troops in a mosque. ...  | Read.. 
Baghdad blog
The anonymous female author of an Iraqi “blog”, whose website entitled “Baghdad Burning” mixes humour, despair and acerbic political commentary, has been ...  | Read.. 
Millions of British workers to strike today
Up to 1.5 million British local government workers are planning to strike tomorrow, closing thousands of schools and disrupting travel in what unions say will be the biggest ...  | Read.. 
Condi plays golf with Wie
The world’s second-ranking woman golfer, Michelle Wie, recently played with Condoleezza Rice and said the US secretary of state uses her driver “really well,” ...  | Read.. 
Putin accused of plagiarism
Russian President Vladimir Putin, famed for his multi-faceted career which includes being a KGB spy, has now been labelled a “plagiarist” by US researchers, a media ...  | Read.. 
Afghan convert to be freed, says US
Afghanistan will free a man who faced the death penalty for converting to Christianity after the West pressed the government for his release, a US state department spokesman ...  | Read.. 
US actor Jennifer Love Hewitt at a party in Beverly Hills. (Reuters)
Voyage of Lennon
Mistake to rule out 4th term: Blair
British Prime Minister Tony Blair sparked a fresh bout of conjecture over his future today when he ..  | Read.. 
Maoists ‘tax’ Polish hikers
Four Polish hikers out of contact since last week were safe after being stopped by Maoists in easte..  | Read..