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Melting ice spells doomsday for cities
Miami would be a memory, Bangkok a soggy shadow of its former self and the Maldive Islands would vanish if melting polar ice keeps fuelling a faster-than-expected rise in sea levels, scientists reported yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
Scot smoking ban
Scotland on Sunday becomes the first part of Britain to ban smoking in pubs, restaurants and workplaces, aiming to tackle the poor public health record that has earned it the ...  | Read.. 
For some, arousal is a pain
A health journal today describes a newly-identified syndrome affecting women ' non-stop sexual arousal that can last for months and cannot be satisfied regardless of the numb ...  | Read.. 
Afghans seek convert death
Growing international pressure on Afghanistan to respect the religious freedom of a Christian convert was met in Afghanistan today by a clamour of calls for the man to be exe ...  | Read.. 
Who's prettier': A model gets her hair done backstage while holding her dog at a fashion show in Culver City, near Los Angeles, on Thursday. (Reuters)
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Art in hotel
Pakistan clash
Cambodia flu
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Berlusconi film before ballot
Italian director Nanni Moretti brings Silvio Berlusconi to the big screen in The Cayman, a b..  | Read.. 
Chirac flees meet in fury
French President Jacques Chirac walked out of a EU summit briefly yesterday when the French head of..  | Read..