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Baby dug out of mud
No clues to boy identity

The body of a 10-day-old boy was found buried on the premises of a Jodhpur Park house on Wednesday morning.

A gardener, assigned the task of levelling a narrow stretch of soil behind 285A, Jodhpur Park, stumbled upon the infant's body.

'While gardening this morning, Yudhisthir Koyal saw the newborn buried headfirst in what appeared to be a large rat hole. Preliminary investigations suggest that the baby had been buried just a few hours earlier,' said an officer of Lake police station.

Police are trying to trace the source of the baby's abandonment and trying to ascertain how an outsider entered the compound of the house and buried the body without raising an alarm.

'The house has two entrances ' one leads to the ground-floor flat and the other leads to the first-floor staircase at the back. Both gates are locked around 8 pm. Someone must have scaled the wall to enter the compound,' the officer added.

Witnesses said there was a blood clot under the nostrils, scratch and bruise marks on the knees and what looked like rat bites on the ears of the baby boy.

Landlady Bithi Ghosh said: 'This morning, I asked my gardener to level the ground and went to the balcony. Within minutes, he cried out that there was a baby's body, with the feet sticking out. I called my tenant Silabhadra Sen, who alerted the police.'

Ghosh's driver Subal Chandra Mondal observed that the 'body was buried in a hurry' as a rat hole had barely been widened to push the body in head first.

Durga Choudhury of an adjoining roadside laundry confirmed that he had been at his stall till 9 pm, and said: 'Someone must have sneaked in late at night.'

Deputy commissioner of police (headquarters) Anuj Sharma added: 'The body appears to have been buried just hours before it was discovered, as rigor mortis had not yet set in.'

The baby's body was taken to MR Bangur Hospital and the post-mortem will be carried out on Thursday.

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