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Liberty in confinement
Mirza Abu Taleb, a Lucknowy nobleman, boarded a barge in Calcutta on the first of Ramadan, AH 1213. He sailed to Cape Town, where he found Boer women quite wanton in consorting with passing sailors. He sailed on to Cork. From there he made his way to...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Stand alone
Sir ' In 'Already too late' (March 17), Ashok Mitra demonstrates, quite unwittingly, how the commun ...  | Read.. 
Naked facts
Sir ' Khushwant Singh criticizes Hindus for objecting to M.F. Husain's portrayal of goddesses in th ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' Malvika Singh's article, 'Post haste to the past' (March 14), presents a prejudiced picture. ...  | Read.. 
The temporariness of a class player's form cannot be made a justification for double standards. Sachin Tendulkar, a genius wi...| Read.. 
Elections are as much about winning friends as about confusing enemies. In Assam, Mr Tarun Gogoi seems to have done both with...| Read.. 
How to kill the mind
Why has India neglected the education sector in such a manner' It is a mind-boggling question and no sensible answer can expl...  | Read.. 
Road to Mandalay
Just as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was pulling off India's arguably biggest foreign policy coup in recent history ' persuading President George Bush to agree that India's m...  | Read.. 
Beyond the bridge to invisibility
A day later, the host of a popular FM radio station is heard asking a young man, a college student, the following question ' 'What should one do in order to become famous' Th...  | Read.. 
No one can read a poem unless he realises that it is a physical object as well as an abstract vehicle for conveying ideas. A poem has a material existance like a piece of music or sculpture or a plate of meat. ' GEORGE MANN MACBETH