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Cleaning up democracy
There is little doubt that a robust and impartial Election Commission, even if not essential for a liberal electoral democracy, is a very useful institution. The lack of such an agency in the United States of America has been cited by many as a reaso...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Three is company
Sir ' Ramachandra Guha's article about the opposition by Southern American politicians to US aid to ...  | Read.. 
Mending the wall
Sir ' If 'Buddha squirms at writing on the wall' (March 2), it is only because the chief minister o ...  | Read.. 
Jessica Lal's shadow is a long one. It darkened the tone of the prime minister's address at the conference of chief ministers...| Read.. 
The women of Manipur have a history of defying fear and violence. But their recent protest against 'mass rapes' by militants ...| Read.. 
How to swing the deal
The dramatic exit of Vaiko from the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam-led alliance in Tamil Nadu has created possibilities for an unp...  | Read.. 
The language of oppression
The school has a single classroom, but the teacher prefers to take classes in the open courtyard on a sunny December morning. Before him sit about two dozen pupils of various ...  | Read.. 
The nation seems to slouch onward into its uncertain future like some huge inarticulate beast, too much attainted by wounds and ailments to be robust, but too strong and resourceful to succumb. ' RICHARD HOFSTADTER