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The master of disguise
Now that India has been spared the initial wrath of the avian flu virus, you may breathe a sigh of relief. Chicken is back on the dinner plate and stories on bird flu have been relegated to the inside pages of newspapers. But seasoned microbiologists have little to rejoice about, for they know that the threat of avian flu is here to stay. The virus, H5N1, has already shown that it can be deadly to people who come into direct contact with infected birds or eat uncooked poultry. The worst fear is that the virus will soon begin to swap genes with its human counterpart and turn itself into a more lethal form, transmissible from human to human, triggering a once-in-a-century catastrophe. ...  | Read.. 
A water filter with a difference
When Bhupinder Walia wanted to provide clean drinking water to his staff at a remote village in Himachal Pradesh, he turned to the National Chemical ...  | Read.. 
Need to nurture nature
Human activities bring about a profound change in the environment. A dramatic change has been has been seen due to alterations made in the earth’ ...  | Read.. 
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Quake rethink
Maths disability
Elusive reality
Watch your health
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Test drive IE version 7
Vendors tend to push the cheaper cracked version of Windows, but then you are unlikely to ever get a problem free computer ...  | Read.. 
Guitar phone
Lightning safety
The death study
Every sixth person who dies in this world is an Indian. So India is the best laboratory for anyone seeking the causes of human death. Little surprise, then, that a study of the causes of human deaths over 16 years from 1998 to 2014 is looking at a mi ...  | Read.. 
Appetite for migraine'
Bottle trouble
When mothers-to-be lack expectant thrill
Malnutrition stunts nations’ economy
Folic acid averts birth defects
Chocolate lowers death rate
11 lifeterms for 22 killings
THE INDO-US NUCLEAR DEAL will help India accelerate its pace of expanding installed nuclear capacity. If all goes according to plan, India might soon be able to import nuclear fuel and even reactors. More significantly, however, the deal allows India ...  | Read.. 
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