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ĎSourav should look in the mirror and make a callí
- Steve Waugh on another business trip, but will skip Calcutta this time

Calcutta: Iconic cricketer, philanthropist, best-selling author, entrepreneur in-the-making' Steve Waugh, soon to be 41, is all that and more'

In India for the next few days, Steve spoke to The Telegraph (in fact, he returned our call) from his Mumbai hotel on Monday evening. Owing to an engagement, the conversation had to be somewhat brief.

The following are excerpts

On his latest visit

Itís in connection with getting a partner for Macquarie Bankís investments in India' This trip is limited to Mumbai and Bangalore' Weíre negotiating in Calcutta, but I wonít be able to go there on this visit. Next time, hopefully.

On a weakened England having the upperhand for much of the first Test, in Nagpur

I didnít follow every ball, so youíll have to excuse me' I canít give a detailed comment' However, nowadays, the England team is competitive and the players have learnt to perform in the subcontinent' The days of being poor travellers are over' Itís a close bunch and we saw that during the Ashes last year.

On Sourav Ganguly

Itís not for me to say whether he ought to still be playing for India, but it canít be encouraging when the chief selector (Kiran More) says the present committee wonít pick him' I understand Sourav wants to fight back, but itís not going to be easy' Today, therefore, he should look in the mirror and make a call' Sourav has a lot of very fond memories to fall back on' With age, itís never easy.

On whether Sourav deserves to be treated better

Ideally, the selectors ought to have spoken to him behind closed doors' Some of your younger players have been doing well and the focus, from what I gather, is on the 2007 World Cup' Perhaps, Sourav ought to have himself understood once he got dropped from the Test squad, too (for the first time, last December)' Of course, to quit or not is something that has to be decided by the individual himself. Itís a very personal thing.

On Rahul Dravid as captain

I expect him to do better' He has the respect of his players, which is important for a leader' Then, Rahul leads from the front' But, then, this is a stage of transition and heíll need time to settle down. Give him the space.

On coach Greg Chappell getting embroiled in controversies

(Laughs) You guys in the Media want a nice story' You ask pointed questions and, then, make a big story out of the answers' Frankly, thereís no need to blow everything out of proportion' Chappell must have been honest in his views.

Finally, on whether he has a message for somebody

Absolutely ' for Rahul and the rest of the boys' ĎDo well guys and hope youíre reading my autobiography (Out of My Comfort Zone)!í

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