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Anti-Bush strike call paralyses Pak
Pakistan ground to a shuddering halt today after the Opposition religious alliance Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal called a nationwide strike to protest against the visit of President George W. Bush. ...  | Read.. 
Asteroid may hit you: easy, it’s in 2102
A space rock capable of sub-continent scale devastation has about a one in 1,000 risk of colliding with the Earth early next century, the highest of any known asteroid, watch ...  | Read.. 
Walk, work and burn calories
Workers of the world, walk. ...  | Read.. 
Arroyo ends 7-day emergency
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ended a week-long state of emergency in the Philippines today, as widely expected, after her security chiefs said the threat from coup plott ...  | Read.. 
Rocker jailed for girl abuse
A Vietnamese court sentenced British “glam rocker” Gary Glitter to three years in jail today for molesting two 11-year-old girls, although if he wins early parole h ...  | Read.. 
Cate prowls in Ibsen’s classic play
In the Sydney Theatre Company’s jangling, tension-filled production of Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, Cate Blanchett doesn’t just walk. She strides ' fier ...  | Read.. 
British actor Rachel Weisz poses for a picture in New York. Weisz has been nominated for a best supporting actress Oscar for her role in the Consta ...  | Read
Odd one out
Car cruelty
Think small
Playboy cover makes Jessica Alba see red
Film star Jessica Alba demanded that Playboy magazine pull its March issue, saying yesterday..  | Read.. 
Smoking tied to depression
The likelihood of suffering major depression seems to be increased among smokers, especially those ..  | Read.. 
US prison detainee refuses to cooperate
An al Qaida member refused to appear before a Guantanamo wa ...  | Read.. 

New shark find
A Mexican marine biologist has discovered a new shark speci ...  | Read.. 

Cuba woos Russians
Russians fell out of love with Cuba when the Soviet Union i ...  | Read..