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Nature laid waste
In Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, a magistrate asks a pimp about his occupation: 'What do you think of the trade, Pompey' Is it a lawful trade' And the pimp replies, 'If the law would allow it, sir.' ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Travesty of justice
Sir ' The acquittal of all the accused in the Jessica Lal murder case, which apparently had numero ...  | Read.. 
The dark side
Sir ' The report, 'Catch Howrah Bridge all aglow' (Feb 26), promises Calcutta the reflected glory ...  | Read.. 
The visit of the president of the United States of America, Mr George W. Bush, is imbued with significance. Mr Bush's visit i...| Read.. 
It is in the nature of so-called class struggles to degenerate into senseless violence. That is pretty much the history of Ma...| Read.. 
A world of Their own
During a routine sortie , a Dornier aircraft of the coast guard spotted an unmanned dinghy on the North Sentinel island in Ja...  | Read.. 
Everybody loves a good clich'
The author is a former foreign secretary. He has contributed four articles under the pen name Raoji Bandodkar. He continues this series under his own name...  | Read.. 
Making a good job of monitoring
Attitudes and ethical conduct of inspectors: The limitations of labour inspection are often also related to the attitude of labour inspectors. One must not close one's eyes to...  | Read.. 
As with new wine intoxicated both/ They swim in mirth, and fancy that they feel/ Divinity within them breeding wings/ Wherewith to scorn the earth. ' JOHN MILTON